Monday, May 3, 2010

WTNH: Coltsville could become a national park

By Keith Kountz

Hartford, Conn. (WTNH) - A big push is being made to get the 'Coltsville' site in Hartford named a national park.

It is the site where Samuel Colt patented the first revolver in 1835. Now, after almost a decade of work the state's congressional delegation is ready to introduce legislation to make the 260 acre 'Coltsville' site a national historic site.

"When you think about the industrial revolution and where it all began, to think that Henry Ford came here to study the practices of manufacturing, to know that Pratt and Whitney apprenticed here," said Rep. John Larson of Hartford.

The site is not just the famous 'former' gun-making plant founded by Samuel Colt. It also includes buildings where workers were once housed, a church facility and a park. Lawmakers say designating these grounds as a National park would be a huge boost to the local economy and create jobs.

"We believe in this project, we believe in this part of Hartford, we believe in the developing going on here has natural significance to our country," advocated Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Hartford.

Larson says he expects legislation to pass the house by the end of the month to make Coltsville a National Park. From there,it's up to Chris Dodd and Joseph Lieberman to get it through the Senate.


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